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Luxury Suite with your very own Wet Edge Swimming Pool

Enchanting Ocean and Rain Forest views, large bedroom with separate lounge area, open plan modern interior.   Huge balcony opening on to a 10-meter wet edge saltwater pool.  Marble steam room, surrender to complete relaxation as the steam cleanses your skin, and then cool off with a dip or relax in the heated plunge pool.

The bedroom features a natural hand made marble bath designed for two.

Large open plan living spaces.

A minimum two -three-night stay required to stay.

Standard rate  $875 per couple per night and includes a daily gourmet continental breakfast overlooking the ocean.

Book online for best available rate & all room options available.



King size bed

Tea and coffee making facilities

Smart TV

UE Boom Bluetooth music player


Bespoke interior design

Original artworks and hand crafted furniture

Luxury marble bathrooms

Rain showers

Candles and ambient lighting

10 meter salt water wet edge pool with hot plunge pool.

Steam room with Steam Shower

Marble Bath designed for two.

Outdoor shower

Open Fire Place * avail winter only

Smart TV

micro wave & fridge.

Balcony with stunning Ocean and Rain-forest views

Reverse cycle air conditioning


Daily gourmet continental breakfast with barista coffee and ocean views

* Dining on the Edge overlooking the Ocean all inclusive Dining experience includes beverages & corkage. Available Tuesday Thursday Saturday night.

* Dining on the Edge is open subject to availability on a Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday night.

* Unwind with a massage in the comfort of your suite or a couples massage / treatment in our Day Spa.

*Lazy late checkouts/ early check in subject to availability

* Must be booked in advance of your stay



Relax by the retreat guests wet edge salt water pool & spa perched on the Edge of the Escarpment overlooking the Ocean

Magnificent Gardens with an Ocean back drop, relax outside in a natural stone bathtub designed for two.

Private meeting spaces

Free WiFi

Free parking on-site

Tesla destination charging.


Luxury Suite with pool terms & conditions

Payment in full or a 50% deposit is required in order to secure a reservation

Payment in full is due 72 hours prior your stay plus a $1000 security bond.

Noise Level NOTE there are residents close by if people can hear your music / TV / voices from outside the suite, management reserves the right to evict unruly guests, strictly no partying is permitted. Should eviction occur there will be no refund.

Maximum number of guests applies please note there are 24 hour security cameras in operation above the entry door and throughout the grounds of the property.

Only guests that are registered are to be accommodated in the Suite

A fee of $500 per night cancellation greater than 72 hours applies.

Cancellations within 72 hours of a stay ( 3 days ) incur the full charge for the accommodation stay, this includes lazy late checkouts, massages and Dining on the Edge.

Damages & items missing from the suite will automatically be deducted from the credit card used to secure the reservation.

A $1000 cleaning / damages bond will be required 72 hours prior to check-in and this will be returned if there are no additional cleaning charges or damages.

To avoid additional cleaning chargers, the suite must be left tidy on departure  if additional cleaning is required, a minimum amount of $200 will be charged to your credit card or taken from the bond.

If the suite  is filled with cigarette / food odors a $1000 charge will apply.



Unicorn Studios/Melanie Russell


Available Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night. 

The evening begins at 6- 6.30 pm with welcome beverages followed by a 3-course chefs’ menu, includes select beverages and wines. The perfect way to celebrate special occasions.

*Bookings must be made in advance of your stay and we will need to know about any allergies or dietary intolerance so our chef can cater specially for you.

BOOK NOW   info@twr.com.au




Cheers Breakfast on the Edge


Open subject to availability on a  Sunday Monday Wednesday & Friday night.

The evening begins at 6- 6.30 pm with welcome beverages & nibbles on arrival followed by a grazing table buffet-style chef’s menu, includes select beverages and wines. The perfect way to celebrate special occasions.

*Bookings must be made in advance of your stay; we will need to know about any allergies or dietary intolerance so our chef can cater specially for you.

BOOK NOW   info@twr.com.au





All inclusive beverages

Dining on the Edge Beverages

Dining on the Edge includes select alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages.

You are more than welcome to BYO your favourite wine and we do have a small selection of wines available for purchase.



Gourmet platter for two


Available daily in-suite

Enjoy a romantic evening dining in. Delivered to your suite for you to have at your leisure. The perfect meal if you are planning on spending a romantic evening dining in.

*Must book in advance of your stay, we will need to know about any allergies or dietary intolerance so our chef can cater specially for you.

BOOK NOW   info@twr.com.au

$120 per couple



Escape relax & unwind.

Surrounded by nature,  minutes from pristine Beaches our unique location naturally creates a sense of calm.

Soak in the hot tubs, admire the views, the saltwater wet edge pool & spa capture the sun all year round.

Surrender to a massage, or body scrub in our Day Spa.

Relax in the tranquility of the gardens at Tumbling Waters Retreat.

Be challenged with your own very personal trainer.

To avoid disappointment all trainers, therapists must be booked well in advance of your stay.


Whether relaxing or looking for adventure, there is no shortage of things to do.

Surrounded by the Royal National Park and overlooking the Pacific Ocean there is no shortage of things to do.

Watch nature at play  from the comfort of the retreat, or venture out and enjoy a huge range of activities.


  • Hang-gliding
  • Parra Gliding
  • Endless Bush Walking Trails
  • Pristine secluded freshwater pools
  • Secluded Beaches
  • Horse Riding
  • Mountain Bike Trails
  • Yoga
  • Fishing
  • Surfing
  • Golf Course
  • Golf Driving Range close by
  • Harley Davidson Rides
  • Symbio Animal Zoo
  • Art Galleries
  • Cafes
  • Coastal Pubs
  • Coastal Bike trails
  • Iconic Seacliff Bridge
  • Wadi Wadi and Royal National Park Coastal walking tracks
  • Abseiling