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Another option Beachhaven Bed & Breakfast on the Beach in Bundeena

On the beach in Bundeena is the beautiful Beachhaven Bed & Breakfast. Beachhaven is about a 35 minute drive through the Royal National Park from Tumbling Waters Retreat. Beachhaven is owned and operated by Hans & Maureen Keller.

The Tudor-style fully self-contained suites are situated on a beautifully landscaped property on Horderns Beach. There are two Tudor suites that have been elegantly appointed with a number of interesting artifacts and antiques from yesteryear creating a charming old-world feel.

Weekends minimum 2 nights from $650 // midweek 1 night $325 per couple



Complimentary Breakfast supplies are provided and may be enjoyed on the patio overlooking the garden, or the deck overlooking the ocean. Includes eggs, bacon, toast, cereal, juice, coffee and tea all supplied complimentary for you to have at your leisure.

Apart from its warm, friendly welcome, guests will find that Beachhaven Luxury Accommodation also offers a sunny northerly aspect with a glorious beach literally on the doorstep. Those looking to venture further a field will find plenty to do within the 16,000-hectare Royal National Park.

Bundeena Village with quaint cafes & clubs and super market all close by. Along with the monthly markets and art trails there is no shortage of things to discover. Your hosts reside on site and know all the best walking trails, hidden beaches and secluded fresh water swimming holes.

Relax, refresh, rejuvenate and recharge at Beachhaven Luxury Accommodation, Bundeena.

Facilities onsite for guests to enjoy include a hot spa tub meters from the beach. Guests also have access to undercover parking, WI-FI, DVDs, gas BBQ facilities, Kayak and stand up paddle board and life jackets all complimentary during your stay.



The Tudor Suite

Accommodation in The Tudor Suite  our largest and most private option,  large plush king size bed, kitchenette, dining area and large bathroom with a handsome tub for two and a  private Garden terrace area with a daybed. This suite also has a pullout single bed which can accommodate an extra person.

Reverse cycle air conditioning, smart TV and complimentary WIFI


The Beach Suite

Accommodation in The Beach Suite consists of a large plush king size bed, kitchenette, dining area,  and large bathroom with a handsome tub for two! Balcony with a day bed along with Ocean Views.

Reverse cycle air conditioning, smart TV and complimentary WIFI




Special rates for longer stays 4 days or longer, prices from $295 per night.

1 night 2 nights 3 nights
Midweek (Mon-Thu) $325 $600 $885
Weekend (Fri-Sun) $475** $650 $895

The above rates are twin share and include a full
breakfast supplies and a bottle of Bubbly on arrival

A 1.5% credit card transactions fee applies.

Early 12 midday check in $25 Subject to availability

Lazy late 4 pm checkout $75

Minimum 2 night stay weekends

**Last minute 1 night weekend stay minimum spend from $475 with a midday check in and 4 pm checkout


A 50% deposit is required in order to secure your

A fee of $75 per night applies to cancellations

The full tariff applies when less then 48 hours
cancellation is given

Weekend rates apply to Public Holidays

Check in from 2 pm and checkout is 11 am

Sorry no pets


Beachhaven Luxury Accommodation also offers a sunny northerly aspect with a glorious beach literally on the doorstep. Those looking to venture further a field will find plenty to do within the 16,000-hectare Royal National Park.

Stunning endless  Coastal walks secluded Beaches, wedding cake rock, there are so many things to see and do or maybe you prefer to relax in your oasis by the sea at the beautiful Beachhaven Bed & breakfast by the sea.


13 Bundeena Drive
Bundeena, Australia
Reservations for Beachhaven call Tumbling Waters Retreat

+ 61 2 4294 1888